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Photo Card Holder Keychain

Photo Card Holder Keychain

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Material: High quality acrylic. This strong, durable, lightweight accessory makes it all the more convenient to carry out and remains suitable for long-term usage.

Simple design yet efficient: The keychain features an aesthetic and minimalist pastel blue colour. The card holder is 4.5cmx3cm, large enough to fit a standard ID or official photocards and small enough to hang to a lanyard and carry around. The spring stretchy spiral spring can stretch up to twice its size.

Cute Kawaii Stationery: Protective sleeve and keyring for your precious Kpop album photocards. Carry your Kpop idol around with you. The card holder can be attached to keys, bag zipper, and trousers and can easily be accessorised with your own keyrings and stickers.

Suitable for: This photocard sleeve can be used to display several different cards as well as photocards, including IDs, name/address for baggages, touch-keys, points cards and more! It can be used by children, teens, teachers, students, and for office use.

Gifting: Cute, simple and useful gift for Kpop fans.


Instructions for use:

1) Place your thumb firmly on the middle of the back side of the card holder.

2) With the rest of your fingers flat on the front side of the item, slide the back up lid up with thumb.

3) The case is quite rigid when new so make sure the previous step is done firmly.

4) Place your photo card inside facing the transparent side and slide the back lid back in place.

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